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Despite the odd glitch with autocorrect, I’m a bit of a stickler for correct spelling, but having come across the following sign the other day which in all fairness, in spite of the interesting spelling, remained perfectly understandable, I started to wonder if good spelling is actually as important as we make out it is in the broader sense.


My question regarding spelling
Is whether it’s important at all
For when all’s said and all is done
Do we fail to recall
Words from our massive lexicon
When letters mix a bit
Because as text and shortening show
We seem to make them fit
Into some rhyme and reason
That then makes perfect sense
So is spelling important
Or do we sit on the fence
And neither condemn or criticise
More so ensure that we
Reach out to one another

So tell – what is your verdict
Putting aside a while
The rules and regulations
And rigid rank and file
Where spelling is important
Non-negotiable let’s say
With words spelt from the dictionary
Just perfect in every way
With letters all in order
Lined up in standard form
Is this of prime importance
Or can we tip the norm
And mash them just a little
Into a jumbled mess
So long as folk communicate
Less orthographic stress!


The Mouth Speaks What The Heart Is Full Of

The mouth reflects the heart’s content
A mirror on the soul
The verbal flow of what’s within
Reciting rote recall
A vision of what lies beneath
The mask that each one wears
Betraying internal substance
So watch out and beware
Of those who smile yet utter forth
Profanities and hate
For where there is dis-synchrony
Such words are venom’s trait
Releasing from deep down inside
A vapour stream from hell
In swirls and pools of discontent
That does not bode so well
So only counter words that match
Content that’s good and true
And aim to honour real concord
In all you say and do

Small Talk

Pretending to be busy
So not to have to chat
Avoiding small talk day on day
Less saying this and that

Yet gabble on the internet
Is what some people do
Save getting knickers in a twist
By passing words with you!

But please don’t take it personally
Cos in the manic rush
Of everyday life and mayhem
They just prefer the hush!

Let's Celebrate Nice People

Nice just sometimes sums it up 🙂

rEvolving Communication

Once upon a time ago
Before the use of words
Man would gesticulate and grunt
Poke with finger to be heard

The next came verbal offerings
With speech to make things clear
As soon enough talk then evolved
Over the course of years

Whilst etching out and marking
Was still quite fashionable
With stick or other object
Later pen used to scribble

But in the twentieth century
The computer did arrive
With use of mouse to click click click
The new way to survive

But then in ‘rEvolving’ fashion
As though fingers were all new
Man started once again to poke
To get the message through!


There’s nothing like a dripping tap
To get right on your nerves
Like nagging that goes on and on
Much more than one deserves
That doesn’t know just when to stop
And give it a good rest
Failing to cease the nag nag nag
Oh what a flipping pest!

So if you are a dripping tap
That moans continually
Or heckles, hounds and carps right on
Then please set yourself free
And take a break from nagging ways
Relax and chill right out
For guaranteed your nagging will
Quite simply achieve n’out!


Nag nag nag would you get off my back

Nag nag nag would you get off my back (Photo credit: Singing With Light)

No Means No!

No means No
It doesn’t mean ‘maybe’
Or ‘go on – let’s try’
It doesn’t have a ‘yeah but’
Or an ‘if’ or even ‘why’
It doesn’t mean ‘in a minute’
Isn’t negotiable; up for dispute
And it certainly just doesn’t mean
‘Who cares! Do I give a hoot?’
It means precisely what it says
A clear decisive ‘No’
A statement that needs nothing else
For No means strictly No!

No Means No!

No Means No! (Photo credit: danielsouzaluz)

Inbox Insights

Each day in life our inbox fills
With mails from far and near
With letters, bills and sometimes junk
Though some are held quite dear

And these just make the difference
They jump right from the screen
The text that comes in happy bites
To make the grass seem green

And the sun shines that bit brighter
Grey clouds then blow away
As spirits lift from written words
To wish a happy day

For their senders care and cherish
That their mailings are perceived
As a dish that sends much joy besides
With hope and love received

So each day in life our outbox
Needs to echo far and near
The letters that we’d like to get
The ones we would hold dear!

English: George VI Postbox, Scorriton Letters ...

English: George VI Postbox, Scorriton Letters only for this box. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)