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The Chocolate Box

A chocolate box of many sorts
So full of sweet surprise
With varied contents deep within
Confectionary’s prize
A strawberry cream of pure delight
So soft, delectable
And hazelnut that nestles up
Aside a caramel

Yet no-one asks how can it be
These chocolates co-exist
And sit in box with no ado
No spite from egotist
They do not seek to fathom out
How nut sits next to cream
And know that it would harm them all
To sit by fire or steam

So why in life do many chose
To not see it how it is
The chocolate box of humanness
Without getting in a tiz
Instead they purely focus
On the need for all to be
Compliant; all the very same
With no diversity!

And if a person dares to stand
Out from the nearby crowd
They’ll remonstrate and bully him
And shout at him out loud
They’ll want to know what right he has
To not be on their team
And put him right in the hot seat to
‘Explain’ nut next to cream.

Chocolate Box


We should point out that none of these poems are about a specific individual  (click here for full disclaimer)


Jelly Babies

Spare a thought for the life of a Jelly Baby
From factory to store shelf then onto you
It’s a mixed up and not so sweet moment
That needs consideration that’s long overdue
For these babies just sit there and await
The hand of fate to dip right into the bag
And drag out their friends and associates
To devour without a seconds time lag
And then as they cower from the pincers
Of greedy fingers aligned with such glee
They hear the conversation discuss quite overtly
Which part will be bitten off first horribly!
For some will chomp off the head in one sitting
Whilst others will nibble away at each limb
So spare a thought for those poor Jelly Babies
For their chances of survival are slim!

Note:  Jelly Babies are a soft confectionery in the shape of babies in many different colours.