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Dirty Washing

Why hang your dirty washing out
And put it all online
Dressed in limelights that let all know
The grot and rot and grime
Airing the foul and not so nice
For do you not just see
That some things are best sorted out
In private sanctuaries
Where behind doors with openness
Amidst the folk you know
You work your differences through
In ways that help you grow
And move forward resolved and more
Intent to act upon
The lessons leant with no baggage
Freed up to carry on



So much on a mind
Bearing the weight of the world
In tangled nests of neurosis
Fettering flow
Checking composure
Traumatising tranquility
In a whirlwind of angst
That spirals out of control

And yet too, there in mind
In the inner sanctum of psyche
Rooted in silence and quietude
A nugget of calm
In the heart of soul
Petitions peace
Willing the chance to be heard
Amidst cognition’s chaos

For such is the conflict
An unseen battle raging
In the theatre of existence
Constant consternation
Emotional exertion
Pressure, stress and tension
In a life that is out of sync
With the essence of being


At The Gateway Of Tomorrow

Standing at the gateway of tomorrow and contemplating
Contemplating the heinous crimes against humanity
Crimes against humanity bereaving the world of her soul
Her soul lost in the dusk of yesterday
In the dusk of yesterday and the night of the day before
The day before where division has stripped backs raw
Backs raw and the hides torn apart
Torn apart bleeding rivers of tears
Rivers of tears burning from the heart

And yet in the embers of those flames why have we not learnt
Not learnt the lessons of yesterday
Yesterday and vanquished humanity where tomorrow’s sun dims
Tomorrow’s sun dims and cannot rise above the horizon
The horizon where hope lies abandoned by the deeds of people
The deeds of people that still wound the planet and suffocate
Suffocate her breath, deprive her people tomorrow
Tomorrow slain by today and yesterday
Standing at the gateway of tomorrow and contemplating


slavery (Photo credit: derpunk)