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Conformity’s Mist

Oh the world so likes those who comply
Who say and do the right thing
Those who happily tow the party line
Or read from the same song sheet to sing

She promotes people who knuckle under
Or sit quietly in long listless rows
Cherishing those who happily sign on the line
Without threat to equilibrium pose

And those who accept red tape and bureaucracy
Are often exalted high over the rest
For the fact that they ask no questions
Gives them an A* in conforming at best

But the question that is mostly apparent
Is whether it’s really better this way?
Is it right that we’re encouraged to follow the crowd?
Institutionalised to stop us going astray?

Astray on a quest of pure knowledge
To a place where choices exit
Where we can think or debate or inquire once again
And live without conformity’s mist.