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Paranormal Prose

There are times when the pen
Becomes a channel
Expanding consciousness
Mediating the unseen
Through the medium of ink
Accessing a higher realm
That is inspired from within
Through dissociated flow
Bursting forth springs of spontaneity
Where words will appear as strangers
When reunited with their author
Surprising writer and reader alike
For then when the quill becomes still
That which is written is a mystery
An inscription of discovery
Paranormal prose



To Be Or Not To Be

If it’s all about the doing
What you say, hear and see
How about a tad more of it
Being about the be

For ‘I am‘ is what’s important
To obtain consistency
A deeper self-awareness
That expresses you from me

As much as ‘you are‘ also
Unique in your own way
To find your inner sanctum
That’s ‘to be‘ day after day

And so in the midst of chaos
To be 
Is at the end the only thing
That will set each heart free


In the deep pools of the soul
I am who I am
Inner consciousness
Transcending from the now until the then
Where purity swells in rivers of immanence
Immutable love flowing in a stream
And a still intrinsic voice whispering
In unfathomable oceans of graciousness,
Providence and humility
Across seas of perfection, truth, and love
Infinite incomprehensiveness
Past wrath and peace
The alpha and the omega
The beginning and the end
For if I am then in such essence am I

The Mariners Affair

With thanks to my dear friend Kate for use of her photo


Dreams past reality
Yonder the given
Deeper than slumber
Outside yet within
Further; farther; untouchable
And yet almost tangible in their existence

Dreams past reality
Unconsious existence
Being unfathomable
Surreal and bizarre
Images, emotions, sensations
And yet accommodating desire’s ether

Dreams past reality
Beyond consciousness
Intrinsic phenomena
Conscious insights
Manifesting parallel illusions
And yet expressing a heart’s core content



An Angel In Human Form

An angel in human form
Sitting in wait in the world
Breathing life into my being
And nurturing the essence of humanity
Through generous benefaction and giving
Reaching and attaining for the stars
And extending opportunities across the universe to behold.
The essence of selflessness and love
With the grace and beauty of perfection
Wrapped in a simple and delicate blend
With music at the heart of your soul
Where symphonies are played in the orchestra of life
And the apples of discord have no place
Loving and adored Angel
In Maternal form
Where words are simply not enough
To convey my heart’s deepest reflections
And affections for whom you are
One word over everything

Angel sitting sketch

Angel sitting sketch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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The Victim’s Consciousness

By practice and suggestion
The perpetrator succumbs
To the Victim’s Consciousness,
With its stealthy grasp on reality
And it’s deceptive claw in reason.

By choice and decision
The beguiling facade emanates
From the mind of mentality to the seat of the soul,
With deprivation of autonomy
And denial of self dependence.

By calculation and determination
The Victim’s Consciousness concedes
To non-existential perceptions,
With memories of authenticity
Being twisted in a contorted web.

Thus the perpetrator is perpetrated,
Resident in the apparent delusion,
For the Victim’s Consciousness inhabits
And thus capitulates to reactivity
Endorphins of another day.

New Beginnings

There’s something very special
About new beginnings that’s for sure
Especially when the starting point
Closes a past that craved for more
The past that stifled like a noose
Draining life so far away
Constraining like iron shackles
That made the night persist all day

But by stepping in the present
And putting the past so far behind
Living life in the moment
Becomes a tonic to the mind
And the heart then lightens swiftly
Embracing renewed vitality and peace
With blessed breaths of freshened air
For longevity that won’t cease

And looking to the future
Instills hope and more besides
Learning from the lessons of the past
With those today sat side by side.
So there’s something very special
About new beginnings that’s for sure
Taking giant steps or just small ones
Such inspiration opens doors!