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My bones all ache; my head is hot
My mind is in a fog
With snotty nose and poorly throat
But still must walk the dog
For keep on going; will not stop
Relentless some might say
As juggling balls up in the air
Is what we do all day
And bed will just so have to wait
What am I gonna do?
For life don’t cease when I am ill
It’s what they call Mumflu!


English: British World War II motivational pos...

English: British World War II motivational poster, SVG scalable vector version (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Flu (Haiku)

Aching arms and legs
Temperature searing high
Coughing up the phlegm

Shakes and shivering
Influenza’s ghastly grasp
Sneezing – full of cold

Headache – feeling ill
Sinuses pounding tight
Time to go to bed