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Give Me Love Over Riches

Give me love over riches
Give me compassion too
Give me kindness and empathy
For the happier view

Give me laughter and sunshine
The smile from a child
Give me honesty, openness
Make me meek, make me mild

And the day will be mine
Cross the months and the years
Where with courage and grace
Blessings cross all frontiers.




An overwhelming project
To baffle and perplex
That stirs commotion in the soul
And causes mind to vex

But in small steps so steadily
The mountain does succumb
The challenge slowly mastered with
No need to stay so glum

And bit by bit, the project will
Assuage the tidal wave
Replaced by stiller waters that
Are conquered by the brave

For by courage the difficult
Recedes and then abates
But watch out and be quite ready
As the next trial surely waits!



The Coward

Where is your strength and courage
Where is your fortitude
Where is your spine to stand your ground
Your fighting attitude

Where is your will to honesty
Your mental robustness
Where is your noble drive and thrust
To do what is the best

And why cower in the corner
Hide behind a human shield
Why sit as such a less a man
What purpose will that yield

Why renege on what’s your duty
Why shy away from truth
Why vex and bully others there
Still retreating in your booth

For that just shows you up to be
A coward, a scardy cat
So weak, so reprehensible
What man behaves like that!


Take a drop of inspiration
To put the colour in your day
With kisses of encouragement
To set out on your pathway

To lift you and enthuse you
To discover who you want to be
To show you aspiration
To open doors of possibility

To give vision and direction
With focus footholds sure
Using inspiration’s spirit
For motivation to do more


What is Bravery?

Is it the bold, audacious act?
Or the quiet courageous deed
Is it the daring feat of heroism?
Or the valiant faithful lead
Is it triumph over fear?
Or the will to dare to dare?
Is it the facing up and doing it
Despite all other threats out there
Is it in suffering for beliefs?
Or endurance for a cause
Is gallantry only for the brave?
Who are worthy of applause?
Bravery; defined by such resilience
That endures for liberty
A fight that votes for freedom
A conquest that sets us free.