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Bad Hair Day

Written in support of new fundraising idea to post a picture of your #STARSbadhairday on Facebook or Twitter and text GINZ47 £3 or HAIR11 £3 to 70070 to donate to this worthy organisation.  And what’s more you don’t need hair to do so – just post a picture of yourself first thing in the morning and help raise awareness of the aims of this charity.  

Crazy wild and frizzy frizz
Bad hair day – Lordy lord
Where brush and comb and cream to tame
Just cannot be ignored

Save else all kids will run away
And on the streets they’ll hide
And shut their curtains to prevent
The madness there outside

And warnings will alert – watch out!
Delirium in hair
Of untamed beast with fuzzy wig
On top of woman there!

And word will spread across the land
In Chinese whispers go
That hair that bad just ain’t so good
Like nest of mangy crow

For such a mane suggests much more
Unkempt and wild and free
A lion – a wilderbeast – a fright
And not just little me!



Fruit Loop

There’s something quite revealing
When you accept you’re slightly mad
For your previous delusion
Was really rather sad
For in essence we’re all crazy
To at least some small extent
But how much you dare admit it
Depends on your intent
For the deranged think they are perfect
And say all others are fruit loop
They deem those different to them total nutters
Mixed up and mulched like soup
But sanity’s not so simple
And lucidity not so clear
For those who see themselves as normal
May in fact be what they fear.