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Dark Moods (Part III) – Anger (Haiku)

Anger scorching peace
Burning with intense fury
Convulsing with rage

Dark Moods (Part I) – Bitterness

When I see the ill effects of dark moods playing out in another’s life it makes me sad – doesn’t it you?  It seems such a waste of a life spent subscribing to emotions, sometimes for years, which may help in the short term (very short term) in an adaptive role but serve little long term end.  There is so much else to enjoy in life and with so much research out there now to show the damaging effects of these long-term moods, please, if this resonates with you, ask for help to see the sunnier side of life. This then is part one of three short observations on our darker moods – bitterness, hate and anger.  Will try and redress the balance with some jollity later 🙂

The piranha of emotion
Consuming the soul
In a melee of malevolence
And ruckus of resentment
Eroding concord with dissonance
As tears cascade from the heart
In fountains of despondency
Such a waste of life!