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Sonnet To Infinite Love

Love heralds in the sun, the stars, the moon
The universe beyond and milky way
The essence of the sea it does festoon
Love’s ocean depths and mountain’s height display
With radiance ablaze in its pure light
Love’s hope embracing planetary zeal
Unchanging, constant, sure and ever bright
It harnesses, protects. Love is the deal
And yet it is has no limits, will not wait
Cannot be summoned or called in at will
Love is not bound in fear or found in hate
Nor held a hostage tethered or kept still
       For love a force that is forever free
       Extends beyond; goes past infinity

Sonnet to Infinite Love


Bed of Roses

They say that life is simply not
A bed of roses pure
But I just cannot take that line
And think it is for sure

For roses come with many things
With thorns and petal growth
So when we talk of such a bed
It takes account of both

The thing to see though isn’t good
Or bad as different things
But see the sliding scale of life
The ups and downs it brings

Then understand that through all this
Just like a rose we grow
Where thorns and petals blend as one
To make the flower we know

The flower that blooms with brilliance
In great displays to see
So that our lives reflect this bed
Of roses constantly

Bed of roses

Reality Lives

What happened to our private lives?
That stayed behind the door
The lives that lived out day to day
Where washing wasn’t for
Displaying on the laundry line
For one and all to see
What happened to those private lives?
The things of privacy

For now it seems our lives are all
Out in the public eye
Lived out upon the big display
Where there is no standby
Switch on the box and there we are
Or there we’d like to be
Those beings that we have become
Reality TV!

From Oprah to a man named Kyle
Addictions to such things
Just suck us in to then subscribe
To others’ suffering
Or in the name of X Factor
We look to find a star
But through all this we can forget
Just what and who we are

For safe to say you can become
Just who you want to be
But it is done through quiet resolve
Not plastered on TV
Nor any other media
Who offer you quick fame
But by quiet steady devotion
To play life’s living game

So don’t be fooled to think that you
Will make it to the top
By surrendering your privacy
With novelty hip hop!
But set about to plan a path
On which you want to go
Then persevere and dedicate
Your will to make it so!

To My Boy

I loved you from your first breath
And I’ll love you to my last
Through life’s daily passage
To the future from the past
To hold you and to help you
To nurture and restore
In steady dedication
My heart is forever yours

I’ll climb the highest mountain
And I’ll scale the farthest range
I’ll swim through deepest canyons
Without question; without change
For my love for you is constant
It’s the best that it can be
It will survive because it is the pulse
That runs to you from me

And I’d give my life to save you
As I dedicate my all
I’ll bear your pain no question
Uphold you should you fall
For your life’s an endless blessing
Your worth is next to none
And my love for whom you are
Regales symphonic heights, my son