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Embracing Democracy

Tomorrow whether in or out
There really is little doubt
That we will still awake anew
To each new day to thus imbue
The goodness that this world can give
Continue breathing and will live

We’ll hope and laugh and love the same
We’ll still have dreams and still play games
The sun will set, the sun will rise
The rain will still fall from the skies
And seasons will turn through the year
With nature’s bounty’s ever near

And Earth will spin on her axis
Our home for all prosperity
Where nothing will have really changed
Less we allow in our exchange
A rule of hatred, venoms claw
Yet that would be foolish for sure

And so tomorrow, in or out
There really should be little doubt
That the only thing for true regret
Will be the will to not forget
And forgive those who don’t agree
Less embracing democracy


Magna Carta

My name is John and here’s the thing
I’m really not best pleased
For o’er my head they’ve gone and writ
A popular decree

One that says all must so respect
Each person that we meet
And act responsibly to boot
At home and in the street

And then they’re saying love as well
Whatever can that mean
Inclusion too, no prejudice
To tolerate it seems

And no discrimination but
Fair rights; equality
With celebrations that uplift
All creeds; diversity

A law that gives each one a voice
Called democratic rights
Where each man and each woman too
Can have their say; no fight

And this they say is for the best
Perhaps even a starter
To make our green land better still
Hence forth our Magna Carta!