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Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child

Spare the rod and spoil the child
So the saying goes
But that is not to say that you
Can beat your children so

Or chastise them inappropriately
Deprive them, knock about
Demean, bully, intimidate
Or constantly just shout

It doesn’t mean the naughty step
Is what they really need
Or to be locked up in a room
Until they then accede

It simply means that firm values
And standards should be taught
With love, respect, autonomy
Compassion and support

It means that patience should be there
To take the time to show
The children of tomorrow’s world
Just what is right to know

It means a rod to reel them in
As fish look to the bait
The bait – the message that will save
Them from the ways of hate!

So spare the rod and spoil the child
Be careful that you know
The kinder ways to teach children
To help them really grow

English: animated: Lady Justice at Dublin and ...

English: animated: Lady Justice at Dublin and Old Bailey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Dog Pen

I sit, I stare, I look, I see
Through wires that chain my liberty
Through cage constraints and padlocked door
I sit, I wait, I wait some more
I knock the bowl of water there
I ruffle bedding with no care
I hide behind the fenced enclave
I need to yowl, to bark, to save
Myself from here as master calls
My leash tied up – on floor I fall
As man’s best friend I want to cry
Out loud with pity, left to die
In pen outside the hearth and home
No longer free to run and roam
No longer free to play at will
No longer cared for, left all still
I pray that soon he’ll forgive me
My father man and set me free
Untie the ropes, unleash the chain
And let me in his heart again
And then the world will welcome me
For I’m a child, not dog you see

This is a based on a true story retold by two children locked in a dog pen as punishment for bad behaviour when they were younger.  It affected both of them differently but specifically for years afterwards it led to a breakdown in what otherwise could have been a very special relationship.   However, they are not alone in their trials.  It could equally be the same for children who are barricaded in their rooms for hours, sat on naughty steps, in emotional turmoil all alone for behaviour that might need dealing with but isolation and negative reinforcement such as this are inappropriate and rarely work in the long term more so understanding, compassion and a commitment to working through problems together with carers.  Critically though it could so equally be the story of countless other children though who have constrained against their will in other environments; the picture of child slavery that still goes on today.  We need to highlight this issue to STOP it once and for all! 
The Dog Pen

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