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Second Chance

When marriage goes a little wrong
A cup might take a crash
But when it fails and falls to bits
The heart takes the backlash

And like the cup that smashes up
It bleeds and is shattered
But not in ways as physical
Yet still destroyed; battered

For at the seat of who we are
The core of every one
Emotionally we’re vulnerable
To things that have been done

Translated by the head a top
Steered by neurology
The heart then takes the knocks; the strains
And weeps eternally

Lest that it is what it does unless
A plaster is affixed
When happiness helps heal the wounds
With kindness in the mix

And then the heart will jump for joy
Be blessed and smile anew
The past no longer there to hurt
Saved by love’s great sinew

To live a life of wholesomeness
That gives without a glance
The beat of grace; the stroke of hope
Best known as second chance

English: Broken Heart symbol

English: Broken Heart symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Rags Over Riches

Throw me rags over riches
Cast me poverty less strife
I’ll give peace and understanding
And won’t twist in the knife

I’ll call on strength; resilience
And power to love despite
The ways of darkness, fierce control
That take a bitter bite

And my throne will be one that is
A seat of harmony
Save crown of thorns that spears my head
From rose brier bleeding me

And I’ll still give out compassion
A heart that does not hate
Forgiveness at my very core
And hope that liberates

I’ll bear the load serenely
Whatever hits my face
And live a life that’s founded on
Pure kindness filled with grace

Cropped Small Red Rose

Cropped Small Red Rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The energy so static
The air so biting cold
The love between lovers gone
Lost in the days of old

The malice and malevolence
The nastiness and spite
The sheer degree of bitterness
In horrid divorce fight

For he now looks at her
With condemnation cruel
And she regards his being with
Contempt – her surging fuel

With greed now on the table
Where once two hearts were one
But there will be no winners for
This battle can’t be won

And everyone’s a loser when
Such acrimony hits
Such sadness, devastation –
Love thrown into lion pits

I wrote this as I witnessed two adults spatting the other day in public over their financial settlement.  It is so sad when the greatest of love dissolves but sadder still when there is so much hatred and bitterness connected to it and no more so than when money is lighting that fire. 


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Lost Love

Forever in my thoughts, my heart
And also in my dreams
Forever in my mind, my life
Held dear in my esteem

Away on distant shoreline now
A beach so far away
The memories in eternity
The past alive today

A union’s chosen legacy
From times of utter bliss
Those days now that have died and gone
A life to reminisce

The harbinger of seasons sweet
Good eras that we shared
The love that then existed and
The joy that once was there

A pledge to hold and to uplift
With truth responsibly
To cherish a lost heritage
The best of you and me

And even though our love is lost
That love that has now ceased
Accepting what has gone before
Revives, inspires, gives peace.

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Parental Alienation

Parental alienation
Two words now banded round
By men and women both alike
Who have lost and not yet found.

The pain and disappointment
The crushing sense of loss
The hints of inequality
And feelings wound up cross.

The fathers missing children
And mothers all alone
The sense of ostracism
Cutting to the bone.

The hatred and the venom
The bitterness a twist
Vindictiveness apparent
Circulating in a mist.

So why are individuals
Ignoring such a call
And treating children just like pawns
With such emotional outfall?

And why are adults failing
To communicate and care
To think ahead, to draw a line
Remembering the love that once was there?

The love that made the children
The children in the frame
The picture all about them
Not about parental blame.

For blame will meet avoidance
Avoiding what is true
Truth honours the responsible,
With responsibility anew

Respect in the equation
Aside contempt and strife
To upheld the children’s voice
And ultimately their life.

Parental alienation
Two words of disrespect
Of lost responsibility
Leaving lives so sadly wrecked.

The Divorce Letter

It ended in the letter;
The letter on the mat.
Not in a hug, or kiss or wave
But simple written fact.

The crest upon the letter;
The letter on the mat.
Revealed the court’s authority
Decisive with impact.

The stamp that sent the letter;
The letter on the mat.
Was franked and just so clinical
No tears or heartfelt act.

The writing on the letter;
The letter on the mat.
Was typed in neat Times Roman font
That left me feeling flat.

Hope severed in the letter;
The letter on the mat.
With searing pain that broke my heart
Dissolving love’s lost pact.