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Noises in the Night

Through the crisp night air
A dog barks incessantly
Yapping at the heels of a shadow
As ethereal spirits dance amongst the branches
And whispers rustle in the leaves
In the distance an owl screeches
And cats yowl in the feint light of a distant moon
Whilst the world sleeps
Or at least tries to!


The Dog Walk

She tugs, she pulls, she orientates
The path she wants to take
Snagging her lead to go her way
The path that she would make
Stopping at lampposts; scents by bins
Grass verges to relieve
Her calling card for those who sniff
The bouquet that she leaves

She scampers off, she races on
She dashes and she darts
She seeks olfactory bliss and more
Her course she finely charts
Evading capture, daring all
She loves to run so free
The dog on walkies in her world
Believes she’s walking me!

The Dog Walk

The Dog Pen

I sit, I stare, I look, I see
Through wires that chain my liberty
Through cage constraints and padlocked door
I sit, I wait, I wait some more
I knock the bowl of water there
I ruffle bedding with no care
I hide behind the fenced enclave
I need to yowl, to bark, to save
Myself from here as master calls
My leash tied up – on floor I fall
As man’s best friend I want to cry
Out loud with pity, left to die
In pen outside the hearth and home
No longer free to run and roam
No longer free to play at will
No longer cared for, left all still
I pray that soon he’ll forgive me
My father man and set me free
Untie the ropes, unleash the chain
And let me in his heart again
And then the world will welcome me
For I’m a child, not dog you see

This is a based on a true story retold by two children locked in a dog pen as punishment for bad behaviour when they were younger.  It affected both of them differently but specifically for years afterwards it led to a breakdown in what otherwise could have been a very special relationship.   However, they are not alone in their trials.  It could equally be the same for children who are barricaded in their rooms for hours, sat on naughty steps, in emotional turmoil all alone for behaviour that might need dealing with but isolation and negative reinforcement such as this are inappropriate and rarely work in the long term more so understanding, compassion and a commitment to working through problems together with carers.  Critically though it could so equally be the story of countless other children though who have constrained against their will in other environments; the picture of child slavery that still goes on today.  We need to highlight this issue to STOP it once and for all! 
The Dog Pen

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A Dog’s Life

I’ll stand and stretch and yawn out loud
And wag my tail awake
Then bounce about and make a dash
And have a little shake

Now did I hear that magic word?
A walk – oh goodness me
The excitement builds – I love my life
I bound about with glee

My lead is on – the door’s in sight
Soon it is open wide
And off we go right down the street
Dog and owner side by side

But wait the lamp post sits just there
With tempting smells to sniff
And, oh, dear Lord, there’s next door’s cat
To chase, bark at and biff

And crikey! Can it really be!
That bitch from number five!
Oh boy, give me a whiff of her
For she makes me feel alive

And now, we’re at the park. Oh yes!
That open space just calls to me
My ball is thrown, I duly fetch
And lap up this luxury

And now it’s time to wander back
I walk so proud and tall
For back at home I know one thing
My food will surely call

And then by the fire I’ll have nap
With no worry and no strife
Content to be a man’s best friend
And live the dream; it’s a dog’s life

A Dog's Life