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I had a dream where grass was green

And sky was always blue
Where lambs frolicked in spring decked fields
And peace was all on view
I had a dream where love survived
The heartache and the pain
Where shackles of my broken bones
Released; threw off the chains
I had a dream that justice lived
With truth and honesty
Where bully and abuser left
And only good reigned free
And then I ‘woke’ all stiff and cold
With hole shot through my head
I realised I was in my grave
Beat blue and left for dead
Yet with the resurrection might 
Those dreams of better days
Will lift me up and take me on
Right out of his harm’s way 

Embracing Second Chance

Do you honestly think I’d trust you
After all you did to me
Do you think I’d take the time to walk
Over that old territory

Do you think I’d want to talk to you
To hold your hand again
To give a little more of me
Or friendship even feign

Do you think I’d go over old ground
Or stop to say hello
To brush under the carpet tiles
All history in one go

For what is done and what is said
Is etched in heart; in mind
So don’t expect me to forget
How you were so unkind

But know that I am so resolved
To turn my back on you
For all you were must dissipate
Be washed out in the blue

Or would that be the murky grey
The pit of wanton lies
Whatever, now I won’t return
And let the past just die

Take lessons learned and not digress
Be firm with foothold sure
To never let you seep back in
Be true to me once more

And then I’ll look to see the sun
Feel warmth against my face
And live life as it should be lived
A second chance embrace

Emotional Abuse

You constricted and contained me
Confined my will by yours
You held me hostage for a lifetime
Suffocating; shutting doors
You blinded me; you stifled me
Suppressed me from within
You anchored me to your ways
To ensure that you could win
You couldn’t stand to lose at all
Nor could you just let go
So emotionally you kept a check
To limit me you know
You bound me with tight ropes
Invisible though true
That held me; took my freedom
Everything was about you

But now I sing a different song
That plays off brighter stave
A bird with wings no longer clipped
In essence I’ve been saved
With a spirit now released and free
With choice there in my flight
No tethers to your grappling ways
No leash that holds me tight
And you?  Why I care I don’t know?
But sad you seem so lost
Unable to see what you’ve done
The price; such high a cost
For now you pay your penance
How much? Nobody knows?
For the truth that rumbles deep within
Won’t sleep or find repose

And my prayer?  I pray you’ll recognize
I pray you’ll see just where
You went wrong and will never do
Those things again – beware!
I pray that I will have the strength
To rebuild; to survive
To live the life I’m worthy of
One where I will then thrive
And then I hope you’ll disappear
From the contents of my mind
Instead being replaced by thoughts
More wholesome and more kind
For life is for the living
Not the dead as you made me
For though you took my soul captive
I now claim liberty!

Emotional Abuse



Power Abuse

When abuse comes a calling
It wears a pure disguise
That vexes and confuses
To exploit with harsh surprise

It dresses up in power
With relationships askew
And undermines, manipulates
To bully me and you

It shouts out from the hill-tops
It whittles down; erodes
It comes in many guises
And travels many roads

But specifically it’s hidden
In a way not to suggest
That its using power to whittle down
And damage lives at rest

For power abuse is crippling
It shouts and rants and raves
To eliminate autonomy
Destroy free will in waves

To talk of expectations
That break down and don’t build up
That sits upon a pedestal
To partake in venom’s cup

And all it leaves is deprivation
In its wake of abused power
That leaves the victim helpless
And desperate in need’s hour

So let’s arise and expose those
Who use power to get their way
That eliminate all others
Let’s step up, say NO today!

This continues our series on abuse – domestic abuse in the poem Pebble, power abuse affecting children in the poem The Gift of Free Will and racial abuse and discrimination in the poem The Chocolate Box.  So many are affected by power abuse where there is an imbalance in the power in a relationship either through a social heirarchy, in the work place, in schools, in communities, in our personal relationships or anywhere where one has some sort of hold over another.  To those affected, our hearts go out to you – to those perpetrating these acts, step up to the mark and realize that power comes with responsibility to care for and look after those “under” you and as we move towards a new year, new start and new beginnings re-establish harmony, peace and equality so that no-one feels bullied by another.

We should point out that none of these poems are about a specific individual  (click here for full disclaimer)


Pebble smooth and oh so flawless
Such appearance to deceive
The depths of pain endured by you
Is hard to dare conceive
Worn down to show no groove
Tussled hard and to and fro
Eroded and then molded
In the abusive tidal flow

Pebble small, inconsequential
Emotionally marred
Dislodged from all home comforts
Psychologically scarred
Weather beaten by the climate
With pressure set to high
Gnarled by hidden lashings
Of tooth for tooth and eye for eye

Pebble lying there unnoticed
Tossed out upon the shore
Disposed by wanton waters
Emotive tides, so very raw
Discarded in the sand dunes
The great expanse of beach
Now free but still so vulnerable
Yet now in safety’s reach

Pebble cared for, highly polished
What story can you tell
The depths of anguish in your path
The road away from hell
Now far from distant shoreline
Autonomous at last
A pebble of significance
Moving on from violent past


This poem reflects the violence some experience in the domestic setting and in particularly the hidden emotional abuse that is particularly prevalent at this time of year – how a pebble goes through so much bashing about as it is dragged along by fast flowing rushing rivers, beaten by the tides of the sea akin to the lives that so many experience at the hands of others who drag them in their wake or beat them with their emotional tide. To all those out there, I pray that this Christmas time you will find safety and peace, strength and support and that those pebbles will become significant once again to move forward into a happier new year.

Locally in Lincolnshire Moving Forward is a non-profit organisation set up by survivors of domestic abuse for other survivors. They offer support and empathy at a weekly meeting in central Lincoln. To find out more contact them through twitter @movingforward_1

We should point out that none of the poems on abuse and violence are about a specific individual  (click here for full disclaimer)