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St George’s Day

English Reserve has gone too far
Been stifled for too long
Been closeted behind closed doors
The tight lipped English Song
That’s never sung; that’s never said
That fails to rear its head
To even stop just for a day
And paint the town so red
To celebrate the saint, Saint George
The knight who dragon slay
Upholding his faith to the end
To walk the Christian way
The man whose legend goes beyond
A story to a realm
A kingdom that unites all else
To stand right at the helm
The land who green and pleasant lands
Have paved through history
A reason to shout out about
My England; great country!

Today, April 23rd is St George’s day, England’s national day.  Usually a low key event, this year (2014) national pride is being promoted with celebrations around the country to mark its Patron saint whose feast day has been on this day since 1350.

Flag of England

Flag of England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)