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As You Graduate

Be inspired to walk out from this place
Have dreams and goals; aspire
Live passionately, work hard and
Enjoy your time; don’t tire

Don’t tire of learning; finding out
Enquiring; seeking more
Observe and listen; look and see
All openings galore

See openings with honest heart
Teach. Share ideas. Rejoice
Encourage others; empathise
Enthuse with hearty voice

Enthuse and entertain but too
Interrogate your ways
With intellectual rigour do
Examine them each day

Examine them and then define
Yourself by what you love
Remembering to give thanks too
With gratitude thereof

With gratitude and heartfelt thanks
Give each respect and worth
Upholding and preserving good
Enhancing life on Earth

Enhancing life with small small steps
Your footprint; legacy
Seek knowledge; wisdom; humbleness
In life post BSc


Off To Uni

Today he’s off to London
I feel a little sad
But may this Richard Whittington
Find gold and nothing bad
As on those cobbles nightly
He stumbles home to bed
With lager in his belly and
A thumping pounding head

Yet in the days let him be stretched
And filled up to brim
With nuggets of pure knowledge that
Will make him smart not dim
So that his future pathways will
Be made of all that gleams
So, go now my son and do your best
And live your wildest dreams


Sweet Dreams (Haiku)

A nighttime haiku
To wish each a good night and
Sweet dreams ’til morning


The embers of the day burn red
As I turn in to rest my head
And drift off to the land of dreams
Where all is perfect so it seems

Where skies wash blue and clouds appear
As cotton buds save any tears
And grass rolls fore in emerald green
With brooks all bubbling diamond streams

Whilst birds nest down; no longer fly
And owl hoots out her lullaby
As distant worries fade away
And into slumber goes the day


There Is A Gap

There is a gap
Between expectation and reality
Where our dreams nestle in the ether of vision
Lie adjacent to belief
Caress tomorrow with that almost tangible faith

There is a gap
Where in sanguine prospect
The mind alludes with delicious anticipation
Nudging the soul’s desire
With aspirant longing and tantalising eagerness

There is a gap
And that gap is a space
A space that we call “hope”
Hope; the keystone in the arch
And the elixir of life

English: Sunset from Paras Beach Resort in Cam...

English: Sunset from Paras Beach Resort in Camiguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Dream Of A Lie In

I dream of a lie in
Time to remain as one with the duvet
Deaf to the alarm’s morning rants
And the cockerel’s early wake up call

I dream of a lie in
Missing the sun as she rises in the sky
To slumber; to sleep; to relax
Absorbed in a good book

I dream of a lie in
Imbued by the warmth of roasted coffee
Percolating tranquility
Where drapes remain drawn
And busyness is but an illusion

Yes I dream of a lie in
One day ….


And from the dreams that haunt her night
An image comes right into sight
Alone in valley of the dark
As dread implants and fear embarks
So still in isolated place
Where apparitions crowd for space
Where rocks have risen from the ground
In heights of granite steadfast bound
And wolves howl loud on frosted air
Her blood chills cold in pure despair

And there she stands by cottage door
Heart beating fast; foothold not sure
With beads of sweat upon her brow
Hands trembling from the here and now
And voice diminished; lost and gone
Encased in blackness whereupon
With groaning might the rusted hinge
Of door unleashes to impinge
Her mind still further into dream
Yet frozen still; hear distant scream

The cottage stark; set back in rock
A far off wail. A bang! Knock! Knock!
The oaken door creaks open wide
‘Gainst better judgement steps inside
Ahead a staircase draped in thread
Of spider’s yarn yet overhead
The cries of victim’s days long gone
Whimper in spell of their swan song
Through silence as fear grips her soul
Eyes searching for the ghost and ghoul

Beseeching him to show his face
Yet cowering as heart picks up pace
And spectre lurches to take hold
Lest dare she move; dare then behold
The hooded figure hiding there
In shadows waiting to ensnare
His bride; his prize; his trophy won
Where he’s triumphant; she is done
All cloaked in hues of black and grey
She is his meal! She is his prey!

She is his meal! She is his prey!
The stark reality of day
Light streams in room to wake her from
The dream that’s pound her mind like drum
She yawns and stretches; frees her mind
To rise and put nightmare behind
But as she does the light goes out
Her shackles chink; she cannot shout
As gag that binds her suffocates
And living nightmare seals her fate

Keeping The Peace

Peel in bells of sleepiness
The bobby who is beat
As cop arresting drowsy eyes
Patrols the dreamy streets
Policing far flung galaxies
To plod on milky way
With helmet on and truncheon tight
Keeping the peace til day



Just the way to be
Where everything is anything

  To fly on magic carpet
  To drop through pavement stone
  To climb the highest mountain
  To never be alone
  To dream of jewels in caverns
  To sit on emperor’s throne
  To have that magic porridge pot
  To dream in fairy zone

The icing on the cake
Creating fairytales from dreams
For lives that will be great!

English: Screenshot of Dick Van Dyke from the ...

English: Screenshot of Dick Van Dyke from the trailer for the film Mary Poppins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dreams Fulfilled

In life there are so many things
That stand right in our way
A million blocks that circumvent
Our dreams; our hopes delay

But with a will of fortitude
Of strength and true resolve
Let’s creatively determine
To not let them dissolve

Nor diffuse them in the ether
To vanish out of sight
But courageously take up cups
And mantles with full might

Let’s work out pathways through the mist
Dispelling clouds for sun
To shine; illuminate the way
So inspiration runs

And then we’ll live lives; dreams fulfilled
With difference to impart
That touch, caress and so uplift
The contents of our heart


Photo Credit: Jenni Dellow