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Sonnet To A New Day

The muted light of dawn awakes and sees
The crisp and fresh air bite at jack frosts feet
Where dew drops freeze upon the verdant trees
And mist rolls lonely down the silent street
Where birdsong breaks the curfew from the night
Where sun arises slowly in the east
The world appears in early morning light
A new morn heralds in the daytime feast
Yet still a slumber holds across the land
Cocooned in comfort quietly in each bed
Where souls of men are bathed in torpor’s sand
In dreams that play throughout their sleepy head
And so as sunrise brings the night to end
The hope of a new day on earth transcends

Painted Sand: Pre-Dawn Colors on Mesquite Dune...

Painted Sand: Pre-Dawn Colors on Mesquite Dunes, Death Valley (Photo credit: Daniel Peckham)


Up With The Lark

I’m not an early morning girl
I can’t arise early
I hate to see the sun get up
Or hear the lark you see
I don’t get why the working day
Just starts at 9 o’clock
Or why on earth set an alarm
To wake you with a shock
Nor can I comprehend at all
That breakfast stops at ten
For after that it’s mid morning
According to Big Ben

For in my simple life I wake
When all are in full swing
When birds have got out of their nests
And church bells start to ring
When the sun has risen up and
Pushed the moon out of sight
And when the day has warmed a bit;
Jack frost has taken flight
When sleepy eyes are memories
And dreams are so long gone
I like to start my day just then
Albeit later on!