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There’s something about teachers
Although I’m not sure what it is
Whether it’s a legacy from childhood
Or the science teacher’s fizz
Is it the drama teacher’s wackiness?
Or the art teacher’s flair
The english teacher’s preciseness
Or the maths teacher being so austere
Is it the geography teacher’s spatial awareness?
Or the history teacher’s sense of style
Or maybe the PE teacher’s humour
In running that extra mile
Perhaps on reflection it’s the cookery teacher
And her lessons on baking cakes
Or is it down to the RE teacher
And the numerous retakes
Or maybe it’s the IT teacher’s
Unhidden facebook page
Or the Tech teacher’s attempt again
To conceal his blatant rage
Or perchance MFL teachers
Speaking as they go
Be it French, German or Italian,
Much is said that we don’t know!
Yes, there’s definitely something about teachers
Not forgetting those in music and psychology
But one thing is for certain
They’ve been there through history!