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There’s one thing that we know for sure
That life hands out hard knocks
That it can throw a curved ball out
And knock you off your blocks

For some we see these knocks approach
Whilst some come from the blue
But with resilience we can
Help soften the blow too

And with such help then stored in hand
We’ll bounce back when we’re hit
Drawing upon the skills in our
Resilient tool kit

Resilience a helpful tool
That gives us strength in life
To weather out so many storms
Hostile and full of strife

And so in its own abstract way
Resilience can be
The buffer to life’s stress and strains
And much adversity



Addictive Love

He’d lost himself in her
Her, his daily fix
His love, his confidant, his all

Self had passed him by
Devaluing him
Idealizing her

Worried that she’d leave
Dependent; infatuated

Control forever lost
Tolerating everything, anything
Just to connect

That connection alone
Family pushed out
Friends jeopardized

His preoccupied obsession
Rampant and unchecked
Fettered but still needing to go on

       and on

                  and on …….