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Exploring Love through the words of Shakespeare and the Bible. Love is life’s elixir – an energy that transcends space and time emanating from within.


Ode To The Setting Sun

Awake renewed oh setting sun
With fresh vitality
And shine so bright tomorrow do
For one and all to see

With heat to warm the coldest heart
And rays that radiate
The solar spirit of your star
Inspiring minds first rate

English: Sunset at Porto Covo, west coast of P...

English: Sunset at Porto Covo, west coast of Portugal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Young

Hark! Hear the song of youth
The zest of tender years
Enthusiasm’s verdant burst
Cross innocent frontiers

The zeal for pastures new
Fresh lust for life each day
The zing in step and fettle
Their zany springtime way

And hear their laughter on the wind
Their youthful chatter sung
Their appetite; vivacity
The anthems of the young

The Young

It’s Blowing Quite A Gale

It’s blowing quite a gale outside
A-howling at the wall
And crashing round the garden
To carry one and all
Its power to move the mighty
To break, to readjust
It’s blowing quite a gale outside
Staying in is quite a must
It’s gusting in a fury
It’s force so blustery
And whistling all the while it blows
Straight down the small alley
To drag all in its path and wake
The wind is wild today
It’s blowing quite a gale outside
Guess we’d best stay out the way!



Excitement: Thrill of Thrills

There’s an atmosphere a-building
You can feel it in the crowd
A sense of exhilaration
The rumble getting loud
The eager anticipation
That something’s really good
The tingle factor creeping in
Overwhelming in a flood
The fever and electricity
That’s surging through the veins
The buzz and epic atmosphere
That’s happening over again
The palpable excitement
The sheer delight and ecstasy
In a moment’s awe and wonder
That’s imbued so instantly
The elation and the happiness
The energy that fills
With applause intent and vigorous
Excitement:  thrill of thrills!

New Beginnings

There’s something very special
About new beginnings that’s for sure
Especially when the starting point
Closes a past that craved for more
The past that stifled like a noose
Draining life so far away
Constraining like iron shackles
That made the night persist all day

But by stepping in the present
And putting the past so far behind
Living life in the moment
Becomes a tonic to the mind
And the heart then lightens swiftly
Embracing renewed vitality and peace
With blessed breaths of freshened air
For longevity that won’t cease

And looking to the future
Instills hope and more besides
Learning from the lessons of the past
With those today sat side by side.
So there’s something very special
About new beginnings that’s for sure
Taking giant steps or just small ones
Such inspiration opens doors!