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Sonnet to Love Lost

Your love that shines forth as a summer’s day
Across the seas of passion wild and free
With rays that warm, that sing, that always play
Your heart that bleeds rose blood always for me
The petals of a flower that never fade
The sky that holds the universe as one
The depths of love that swells in life’s parade
The sun that warms, the stars my soul hath won
But yet you walk, you turn and disappear
Your coldness like the icecap swiftly breaks
Your eyes empty, indifferent not so dear
Your love now lost; your heart in tidal wake
        Still I will know that you have once loved me
        For love holds true in all eternity

Only Time... (49854383)

Only Time… (49854383) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The “Selfie”

Smile and say cheese
The selfie is out
The word that says “me”
“Look here and watch out”
The image that’s taken
By the subject themselves
That hides not from the camera
Nor sits on the shelves

But is your selfie an echo
Of just who your are
Or a statement of ego
A glimpse of your bra
A pout that says duck face
Or am image that states
To be honest I think
That I’m really first rate

Or perhaps it’s just this
A nice pic saying “hi”
Your own personal journey
With a selfie more shy
But whatever it is
It is here now to stay
As the new word on the street
Spells out “selfie” today

Poetic Metres

And there was me thinking that metres
Were mere measures of the metrical days
But with spoken language they mean something else
Giving weight and push in so many ways

For English is a stress timed language
With variations of stress to impart
Whereas the Chinese and Thai speak quite differently
Using pitch to express from the start

So taking English as an example
The tonic is not a drink in a glass
More so syllables or accents most emphasised
Not the ones that we mutter or pass

But the French take another spin on things
Accentuating each part with an equal stress
So that machine that the English might talk of
Is ma-chine when in French it is dressed

And so the measure of English poetry
Takes syllabic accentuation when written and said
And the rhythm becomes thus more organised
In regular heartbeats called metre instead.