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The Essay

Today I’ll write an essay
And make it really long
With lots of words strung in a line
That just go on and on

But first I need a coffee
And maybe just some toast
And then before I sit and start
I guess I’ll read the post

But wait the rain looks imminent
Perhaps I’ll walk the dog
Oh no!  Now it’s nearly lunchtime
Food first then start the slog!

Oh dear now I’m quite sleepy
From lunch.  I need a nap!
And then just a quick cuppa to
Refresh my thinking cap!

Now time to start that essay
Where’s my pen and pad – oh where?
A quick glance at the clock and
Woops – I forgot to wash my hair!

Now seriously, no more excuse
No deferment or delay
But oopsie daisy dearie me
The clock’s run out today!

Tomorrow I’ll write an essay!

Essay Time (Rousseau and Women): My desk at th...

Essay Time (Rousseau and Women): My desk at the library (Photo credit: tim.riley)


OU Eye Candy

There’s a certain kind of Candy
OU students all adore
The one that pats your back and says
That essay is no-more

No-more reading and re-reading
Correcting as you go
Eye candy that just celebrates
An essay’s done – hoho!

But what is it – this candy?
Is it sweet as sugar cane
A certificate or A* mark
A mark supreme to reign

No it’s a little printed message
On screens that just reads out
“Your submission has been received”
Not much to shout about

But it means your next assignment
Has gone right down the line
For now you can sit back a bit
Enjoy a glass (or two) of wine!