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Teacups and Boys

Teaching boys to drink their tea
From china cups just so
Instead of swigging down like beer
Or slurping as they go
Or guzzling as in frenzied rush
In gallons from a mug
To teach them to sip and partake
Save gulping in one slug

To handle dainty handles with
A grip and not a grasp
With pinkie tucked out of the way
For gentlemanly clasp
And saucer held ‘neath cup to catch
The drips less any spills
But sadly it is not to be
So guess we’ll get the bill!

Teacups and Boys


Social Networking

There are parts of social media
I just don’t get at all
The bits of social behaviour
That really make us fall
From what it is to be human
A social breed or race
When some behave so hideously
A networking disgrace

For give someone a notebook or
A phone or some device
And Facebook or Twitter access
They might be not so nice
For something in our brain thinks when
There’s distance then involved
That etiquette and empathy
Can then just be dissolved

That things that would never be said
Can be uttered in a text
Or on a Facebook status, tweet
Good grief! Whatever next!
And then there is the culling as
Though people are like birds
Not that birds should be culled anyway
It’s really quite absurd!

So be careful how you network
What you say and what you do
Be considerate on Facebook
In your texts, on Twitter too
And think how you would like to be
Treated so carefully
And act to others in a way
That you would have them be


so-many-social-networks (Photo credit: socialmediahq)