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Should life be all about happiness
Achieving that bubble of emotion
That rides the high waves of excitement
Or more so about countered contentment
Bobbing about on the ripples
Negotiating the ups and downs
With calm and measured serenity
You tell me?


Photo by Ben Dellow (not to be reproduced without permission, 2017)


Excitement: Thrill of Thrills

There’s an atmosphere a-building
You can feel it in the crowd
A sense of exhilaration
The rumble getting loud
The eager anticipation
That something’s really good
The tingle factor creeping in
Overwhelming in a flood
The fever and electricity
That’s surging through the veins
The buzz and epic atmosphere
That’s happening over again
The palpable excitement
The sheer delight and ecstasy
In a moment’s awe and wonder
That’s imbued so instantly
The elation and the happiness
The energy that fills
With applause intent and vigorous
Excitement:  thrill of thrills!