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Curved Balls

There’s nothing like a deal breaker
Of life that throws curved balls
But somehow still past all of that
There’s wonder to recall
The magic and ability
To bend and flex despite
Those ups and downs, and ins and outs
When problems chafe and bite

Yet still with pliability
Complete with anchored shield
There’s something to amend our course
That also will still yield
A life that can collaborate
And work through muck and mire
However bad, however curved
Resilience transpires

So dodge and duck these obstacles
To see the whole game plan
And lower expectations
If things go down the pan
For in each life it just might be
That other ways unfold
That we won’t comprehend until
The curved ball’s in our hold!

Chihuly Ball Tub - Desert Botanical Garden

Chihuly Ball Tub – Desert Botanical Garden (Photo credit: Al_HikesAZ)