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When pool stands still and stagnant
Little thrives bar toxic stench
Life stifled in that moment
Apathy entrenched
And resistance festers silently
Motivation all abates
While hope that soon movement will come
With bated breath awaits

Yet over time if nothing happens
The clench of all that’s wrong
Suffocates with the grim reaper
Singing out his bidding song
And ruin wreaks a mockery
Runs naked through the air
As hope drips through the grates of death
Wrung out in sheer despair


This Pen

Blueprint in a bulb


No Heart

He has no heart
No essence or compassion
No soul, no spirit, no charity
No kindness and no passion

He has no love
No cordial tenderness
No zeal or beating drum within
No gentle graciousness

He has no understanding
No desire; no fond rapport
No sympathy or sweet accord
Just gaping open core

And yet inside he bleeds; he cries
He wants; he craves; he yearns
For all he’s lost; his wilderness
Where fire ice blue cold burns

Like pain that sears; frost bites so hard
Bitterness his delight
Alone; abandoned; so forlorn
Deserted in the night