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Fruits of Sanctity

When dark clouds gather, ghouls and ghosts
Liars and haters claw
Remember this, look to the light
To keep each heart so pure

For there let peace reside within
Resting each weary mind
Holding onto kindness and truth
With gratitude unwind

And seek a path of hope forward
Be intent on love’s own way
Forbearing, goodness, patience, faith
And joy day on each day

Then tether to benignity
Where fruits of sanctity
Will liberate from oppression
As grace thus sets each free


St George

Today’s the day to be a knight
As in those days of old
To overcome the power of bad
With bravery so bold

For out there in the world about
A dragon lies in wait
Destroying all pure beauty bright
In flames of greed and hate

So step up like the saint, St George
And fight for truth and light
Imbuing strength from deep within
To conquer darkest night

And slay the beast that dares to mock
The good in life and grace
With sword that’s poised to destroy ill
Bring peace unto this place

St Georges Day

Raphael [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

What Is Faith


What is faith
If it is not a projection
A belief
A conviction
Of intrinsic esteem
Living, breathing, being
At one with ourselves
In harmony with each other
United in a universal rhapsody
The still small voice
That whispers from within
Deeper than conscious reckoning
Beyond the spirit of mind
Past the body of self
Yonder the heart of matter
That resonates here and now
Ever holding fast to that which is good
Always sure
Eternally steadfast

Beyond Fear

Beyond fear lies a meadow
A grassy open plain
A space of possibility
Of sunshine less the rain
A world of opportunity
A vision to behold
Where Phoenix soars in skies above
To bid each one be bold

English: Buttercup meadow A wonderful Maytime ...

English: Buttercup meadow A wonderful Maytime sight on a sunny day! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Tapestry Of Hope

See the seamstress sewing
The rich tapestry of hope
With threads that weft and warp through life
Across the woven slope

With silks of gold and silver
That weave all interlaced
The loom that hope shines brightly from
With faith each heart embraced

Tapestry of Hope

Be You: Be True: Be Brave

Walk away from those defiling you
Retreat from those who call
You names or throw you sticks and stones
For they are bullies all
And know through faith and family
And friends who you can trust
That beauty isn’t skin deep nor
What’s on the surface crust
But look a little deeper and
Be real to who you are
To live the life intended so
You rise and do not scar
For worth is there for you to hold
For you to have, to save
And love is unconditional
Be you – be true – be brave!

Be You Be True Be Brave

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The Greatest Things

There is no greater thing than love
No more than devine hope
No sweeter life than one that’s gives
Great succour extends scope
Nor one that is compassionate
Extends a hand so kind
That walks the earth with grace and peace
Contentment of the mind

There is no greater gift than faith
In self and purity
The cherishing of all that’s good
And of integrity
So may I pray that you will find
All these as you move through
This journey that we call the walk
Of life with blessings true

Make Believe

Let’s make believe there is a world
Where pain is there no more
Where suffering has vanished and
Heartbreak has gone for sure

Let’s make believe there is a world
Where fears are all wiped out
Where all can live in harmony
Without the hand of doubt

Let’s make believe there is a world
Where peace reigns all supreme
Where wars have ceased their battle cry
And tolerance redeemed

Let’s make believe there is a world
Where love is at the core
Where man can live in unity
Establishing rapport

Let’s make believe there is a world
A world that is its best
A world where faith inspires mankind
A world where all are blessed



A warming ray of sunshine
Imbuing each and every day
With reasons pure and simple
To carry on and not to stray
With purpose and with focus
With dedication and with might
To know that hope eternal
Will hold your hand through any plight

The willpower and the waypower
That turns its back on all despair
Increasing expectation
That goal obtainment is just there
Or at least around the corner
Hope is the catalyst
That takes away fear’s blinders
For bigger pictures through the mist



The Desert of the Lost

I pray you never see this place
A far and distant land
A land where there’s no water
But a desert made of sand

A land where streams are empty
Dried out and cracked so dry
A land where trees barely exist
And vultures fill the sky

A land where an oasis
Is just a faint mirage
And lakes are distant memories
And faded by the entourage

Of dreams cascading to illusions
Lost waterholes forgot
A land so parched and very dry
With searing heat so hot.

Where lives seem non-existent
Where no-one dares to go
A land devoid of water
Where the river never flows

I pray you’ll never go there
This desert of the lost
This place reserved for lonely souls
Where heartbreak counts the cost

This place where veins no longer
Can flow with life’s red blood
For hope and faith and trust and love
Are gone in tidal floods

No! I pray you never see this place
This far and distant land
A land where there’s no water
But a desert made of sand