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The Fraudster

Oh so exasperated by
The things you claim to know
For you say you are an expert
Yet you’re just a so and so
Who makes quite wild assumptions
With no evidence or fact
No care for how your actions
Are received and their impact

For all your innuendo
Your charm is so so wrong
Just incorrect and out of date
But doubtless before long
We’ll see your truer colours
And understand that you
Are nothing more than pure hot air
Making quite a to do

Pretending all pretentiously
To be who you are not
So fake and phony, spurious
Who’s really lost the plot
So disappear! Be gone! Vanish!
Don’t dare darken our door
For you’re a fraudster, yes you are!
And that is certain sure!


Hey! Fake Boy!

Hey fake boy! Why do you so gloat?
Pretend to sometimes be
The person that you’re simply not
Hiding so blatantly
Behind the mask; the veil; face
That isn’t really you
I sense chameleon disguise
Concealing the true view

Why do you shirk, dissimulate
Use smokescreens every day
For fake boy look in the mirror
And there in full array
Is he who’s really good enough
Without pretense or shame
The boy we like just as he is
And that boy wears your name