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Rummage through a handbag
And you will surely find
The kitchen sink and lots of stuff
That will just blow your mind
From hairbrushes to lipstick
From note pads to house keys
From purses to perfume as well
And plasters for your knees
From tickets that are out of date
To biscuit crumbs and more
Plus mobile phone and charging lead
And shells from the seashore

But most of all a bag contains
A signature story
Of who a girl is; what she likes
A statement; mystery
An insight into how she ticks
What she projects or holds
As part of her psyche; make up
If she be quiet or bold
And by bagology one might
Gain scientific view
If only having a quick peak
Was not just so taboo!


National Underwear Day

Who would have guessed it?
One day in the year
A celebration of knickers
And all underwear

Who would have thought it?
A day that will see
The gala for boxer shorts go
All crazy party!

Who’d have considered
A lingerie fete
For it’s National Underwear Day
In the United States!

To contextualize this you might like to follow this link 

Ladies' underwear advertisement, 1913

Ladies’ underwear advertisement, 1913 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Millinery Fashions

Millinery fashions. Oh my! What assortments
Such tit-for-tats sat proudly at rest
Whilst some look dashing and lovely
Other’s resemble an unkempt bird nest
Found on heads, topping off hair dos
With little aplomb in their lopsided way
They’re placed in situ awaiting
For a cuckoo to drop in and stay

But then there are those hats that are simply quite dashing
Those ravishing numbers that boast
And knock the spots off all other hats out there
With style and elegance right on the post
Along with the top hat that outlive time eternal
And the beret that’s just so oo-la-la-la
Or the trilby from jazz venues in Manhattan
Outstripping bonnets and boaters by far.

And so let’s hear it for Millinery fashions
Let’s raise a glass and say hip hip hooray
For be it baker boy cap, helmet or feather
All hats have a whole story to say
For some hats are stereotypical
Some come with labels or add their own style
Whilst others are simple unique, a one-off
And best to avoid by a mile!