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Tiredness, exhaustion, pure fatigue
Call it what you may
Consuming waking moments
Where night spins through the day

Where lids are weighted heavy
And matchsticks fail to prop
Those eyes open save sound of sleep
With dreams and rest full stop




Come on!  Let’s hear a cheer for the yawn
A reflex that inhales fresh air
Whilst stretching the eardrums intently
Then exhaling at you over there!

The outcome is highly contagious
Infecting all dear passers by
Extending the jaw in a fashion
With the closing of one or both eyes

A gape of the mouth quite alarming
In acts that quite pandiculate
With a yawn and stretch so enticing
We’re all doing it!  Yawning!

Too Late!

Joseph Ducreux pandiculating; self-portrait ca...


We take it so for granted
When we jump up from a chair
And stand without a second thought
Or walk right over there

We take it so for granted
That our brain can turn about
Our heart beats and our blood flow
So that we simply don’t black out

We take it so for granted
When we can think with clarity
So our focus isn’t compromised
And our eyes can see clearly

We take it so for granted
When we’re revved up for the day
Bursting and full of energy
That will last in every way

We take it so for granted
Homeostatic stability
The simple things of everyday
Without disability

Yet many aren’t so lucky
For them life is just PoTS †
And a dysfunctional A-N-S*
Makes easy – oh so not!

For this condition sees the heart beat
Rise thirty beats or more
With palpitations on arising
That risk a colllision with the floor

Where life’s daily chores become a struggle
Where fatigue can be a pain!
And where the heart and brain in stand off
Result in PoTS: a constant drain!

Postural Tachycardia Syndrome


† Postural Tachycardia Syndrome
* Autonomic Nervous System

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