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My Cat Geoffrey

My cat, Geoffrey
Such a grand name for a little cat
With onyx coat and amber eyes
And a demeanour somewhat displaced
From his humbler roots

His beckoning purr summons his serfs
And they do as he bids from his self-imposed throne
He lies like a Grecian God across the couch
With his bitch poised to be his queen
As and when he chooses, of course

For he is, Geoffrey Oliver, master of his universe
Ruler of this house; feline supreme; emperor extraordinaire
In an egocentric world
Where I am owned
His human – fetching, carrying, rallying

And then with tail held haughtily in the air
He takes his leave vacating this abode
Pouncing into the wild beyond the back door
Fearsome hunter; ferocious warrior; battle hardened commander
King of the garden jungle

My Cat Geoffrey



I swear you do it to annoy
To treat me like I am your toy
As you zigzag in front of me
With backward glance that says “he he”

Or when I’m lying on a bed
Come play with toes ‘til they bleed red
Believing they are prey for you
To tantalize out of the blue

Or even when you’ve not intent
To go outside, with no relent
You meow by the door to say
I need to smell the air today

Less if the laptop’s left on view
You think “hey great” with no thank you
And sit upon the keyboard till
All wwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooork is wrecked! That is your thrill!

But worst of all, and this is bad
You pull those eyes that say you’re sad
That plead such innocence in spite
Of thinking that you’re always right!



Black feline with large amber eyes
That sits upon the stair
With look that threatens, promises
A game though not that fair
With eager wit to quite undo
Unbalance you from step
As black has cunning on his mind
And really is adept
At quickly whipping tread right from
Your feet when down you go
Down to the bottom of the stairs
Whence cat, the so and so
Will have smug satisfaction and
An air of winners luck
As one quick pounce he’s knocked you down
Gotcha! You sitting duck!


The Cat’s Whiskers

You think you are a ‘Big I Am’
A Lone Ranger, a king
A self sufficient kind of man
Top Cat and amazing

You walk so proud with head held high
A warrior in control
The Lord and owner of your patch
The Barren of your soul

But I know different for within
An alter ego lies
A chin tickling and softer heart
Compliant kind of guy

For pet you just behind the ears
In cat celestial dream
And you succumb to ball of fluff
Feline whose has the cream