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If the truth sets us free
Then why do some lie
Twist the facts and contort them
To beggar belief and defy
Freedom and integrity,
Honour and trust
For the truth’s none negotiable
And is simply a must

So don’t lie, use deceit
Drive the truth under ground
Deflect honesty’s spotlight
For in time you’ll be found
Out and your lies
Will become quite renown
As your fibs, fraud and falsehoods
Will hunt you right down

Pinocchio’s Nose

Pinocchio’s nose
That was such a lie
An outright deception
Of the facts falsify

For sure a tall story
A whopper in fact
That’s derided the truth
With such heavy impact

Yet why not be honest?
Be above board and fair?
Why pretend that you’re someone
Who simply’s not there?

And say how it is
With openness true
For lies are for losers
And that really ain’t you!!!