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And A Partridge In A Pear Tree: Part V Five Golden Rings

This is a rolling poem and today we now reach day 5 of the trials and tribulations of the Partridge in the Pear Tree over the Twelve Days of Christmas.  So far The Partridge has endured the arrival of two turtle doves crowding out his tree, three French Hens and four Calling Birds hand jiving and destroying his peace and quiet with their partying antics.  To read the whole poem to date click here

In distant realms he prays he’ll hear
Five golden bells a sing
Around him in their majesty
The quintet golden rings

Five golden rings with magic powers
To ring across the land
And cast a spell of peacefulness
To bring them all to hand

To peal in perfect harmony
To chime sonorously
Five rings of bells that ding and dong
For Partridge in the tree

To ring the Yuletide changes
To herald as a five
Glad tidings on the earth again
Be glad to be alive