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Bindweed šŸ

The battle of the bindweed
A creepy damned affair
As under fence and through crevice
The stuff is everywhere
A wrapping round the plant stems
A stranglehold that thwarts
Growth and health and thriving
As it chokes and kills in short!

And though troublesome in plenty
Thereā€™s one good thing it does
For its blooms produce a pollen
For moth larvae and bees that buzz
And so for gardener the bindweed battle
May be a constant fight
Yet a battle won on one front
May be a war lost in hindsight!

Nature’s Paintbrush

Drops from Natureā€™s paintbrush
Splattered on the wayside
In a bouquet of resplendent colour
Dotted in the hedgerow
Amidst the fragrances of Spring
Pouring outĀ into the landscape
As buds burst into bloom

Natures Paintbrush

Nature’s Paintbrush All Rights Reserved Ā© Ginz&Tonic 2015


The Gerbera in splendid bloom
The colours of the sun
Resplendent in their majesty
With heads held high; each one

Such fabulous capitulum
In reds and pinks and gold
The Gerbera amassed in vase
Eye candy to behold


Cupid’s Chocolates

Cupidā€™s chocolates, roses red
Petals scattered and outspread
Hearts abound, love in the air
Romance here and everywhere
Flowers and sweets much more beside
Valentineā€™s hearts burst with pride
Love the blessing above all
Free and unconditional


Betty's Dark Chocolate Heart With Champagne Tr...

Betty’s Dark Chocolate Heart With Champagne Truffles (Photo credit: chocablog)