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Have you ever stopped an wondered if
Your enemy became your friend
How much your worlds could then be healed
How much you’d make amends
For all the times of hatred
And all the times of pain
A joining of two forces
Where each could then refrain
From a world intent on bitterness
Anger, reprisal, doubt
And where compassion and kindness
Would prise the goodness out!


Lifelong Friend

For just how long she had forgot
He’d sat upon the chair
Her old teddy in the corner
The worn out little bear
With the ear that had come adrift
And missing button nose
So bare in parts from all her love
He’d seen her highs and lows

But what a friend he’d been to her
Her confidant, her mate
He’d been her comfort blanket and
Sat with her while she ate
They’d cuddled up to go to sleep
He’d travelled many miles
And in those very early days
He’d watched her cry and smile

He’d held her hand and been her nurse
He’d sometimes been to school
He’d even joined in country walks
And taught her all the rules
And then as years had trundled on
And she’d grown up so tall
He’d been retired from his duties
To sit once and for all

And since that day he’d simply sat
On that chair just where he fell
But as a friend he’d still watched out
To see that all was well
And she; as age had crept up
And taken her by stealth
Just knew she had her friend close by
In good and in bad health

And as her years came to their close
That partnership survived
The old bear in the corner chair
Where friendship always thrived
And though no words were ever said
He knew he’d served an end
As lifelong mate and confidant
Past teddy bear to friend

Lifelong Friend

“Panda” DoB 1939

Addictive Love

He’d lost himself in her
Her, his daily fix
His love, his confidant, his all

Self had passed him by
Devaluing him
Idealizing her

Worried that she’d leave
Dependent; infatuated

Control forever lost
Tolerating everything, anything
Just to connect

That connection alone
Family pushed out
Friends jeopardized

His preoccupied obsession
Rampant and unchecked
Fettered but still needing to go on

       and on

                  and on …….

A Daughter and a Friend

From babe in arms so helpless
To infant child with beaming smile
To golden girl with friends galore
To teenage without trial

From school girl to young adult
With peace and fortitude
With bounteous altruism, and
With loving attitude

From J to E to NNI
In harmonies from high above
In grace so white and pure and fair
In all, respect and love

From heaven sent, a blessing
As with love that never ends
As a companion and a confidant
As a daughter, and a friend