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The yellow rose symbolises friendship and care. They also represent remembrance. This poem is dedicated then to friendship and the everlasting blessing they give đź’•

Cyber Illusion

Are you invisible
Do you exist
Imaginary friend
In a world with a twist
Where those who we contact
Who we know just by name
Who we see but an image of
Who present in a frame
With a profile
A status
A handle; a cue
All wrapped up in binary
But are you all true?
These friends that we make
Who we tweet to and text
Or message and snapchat
Or whatever next
Do you live in the world
In reality’s way
Or is this cyber-existence
Mere illusion today!

Social Media Buzz

Social Media Buzz (Photo credit: ivanpw)

Embraced By Weekend’s Kiss

I wish you all a fun weekend
Of fun and family
Of laughter and good cheer and more
Of happiness and glee

I wish you all some r n r
To chill and take a break
Some time to spend with those you love
Some time that is first rate

I wish you all pure joy and peace
A weekend of sheer bliss
Recuperate; restock; renew
Embraced by weekend’s kiss

all flickr friends, a relaxing, healthy weekend

all flickr friends, a relaxing, healthy weekend (Photo credit: dicau58)

Be You: Be True: Be Brave

Walk away from those defiling you
Retreat from those who call
You names or throw you sticks and stones
For they are bullies all
And know through faith and family
And friends who you can trust
That beauty isn’t skin deep nor
What’s on the surface crust
But look a little deeper and
Be real to who you are
To live the life intended so
You rise and do not scar
For worth is there for you to hold
For you to have, to save
And love is unconditional
Be you – be true – be brave!

Be You Be True Be Brave

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Teenage Mornings

There is a breed who just don’t wake
In thunder storms or in earth quakes
Or in the rush of daily life
Whether under pressure or in great strife
Sleeping soundly through all loud alarms
Snoozing heavily, remaining calm
They dose throughout the morning rush
And slumber sound preferring hush
They snore their way through morning air
Before midday they do not care
Their beds are buddies to embrace
They’re duvet bound; there is no race
The cockerel they just don’t hear
It’s wondered if they’d sleep all year
And calls from parents go ignored
Whilst met with still the deepest snore
But hear the call of friend on phone
Or inbox come into the zone
With status update checking in
From Facebook or a twit tweeting
And suddenly they’re button bright
Up from their beds they do alight
And off they go upon their way
For teenage morning’s start at midday!