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Shadow In The Night

Shhhh!  Did you hear it?
The crack of a twig in the undergrowth
The stifled shriek piercing the cold night air
The deep laboured breath haunting your mind
Those eyes, slit green, following your every movement
Out there in the darkness
Shadow in the night
Tormenting your dreams
Menacing your peace
With shudders creeping down your spine
And chilled apprehension stinging your veins
For vengeance is on his mind
Hatred in his heart
Daggers drawn
And you
You are his prey tonight!


Shadow Of The Night

A lone shadow dances in the light of the moon
Apparition of darkness sways forth and in tune
As a mask in the umbra in obscurity
Infiltrates deepest dreams and haunts you consciously
With suggestion of heinous intent and much more
On the minds of its victim who is rattled for sure

Yet when sun rises slowly and burns into day
The figure; illusion drifts out of the way
Concealed by the light of the morrow for now
Camouflaged for the present yet still there to devour
It’s prey; your worst nightmare; your fears and your frights
As the shadow returns to dance through every night




There’s a rustle down the garden
Beneath the fallen tree
A movement that is tantamount
To scare the socks off me

A thought that someone’s watching
From yonder gate near stones
A prick of conscious angst perhaps
That chills the blood and bones

Perception or a bad omen
In shadow of the moon
A person lurking, waiting to
Strike out; to hit real soon

A feeling that they’re watching
Just biding time until
They move when least expected
In stealth to make the kill

Whence then a shriek will pierce the air
And freeze you to the spot
The fright; the dread; the hopelessness
Where sweat beads cold not hot

And yet in truth there’s nothing
Less rampant fears in sight
The ramblings of a fractious mind
That spooks you out at night