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Frog Legs

“Good grief!  Where did these come from?
The pair of them at that!
For yesterday I had but tail
And now I’ll eat my hat
Cos overnight it seems bizarre
But suddenly I’ve got
Two legs – now what’s the point of these?
Why these?  Have I forgot?
For they seem so redundant as
I swim in pond all day.
So why do I now need these legs
For I intend to stay
And never leave this murky pool
Or jump out of this dish
For hopping is a ‘froggie’ thing
And I thought I was fish?”

Tadpole with back legs lge 14cm long

Tadpole with back legs lge 14cm long (Photo credit: you get the picture)


I might be legless just today
But just you wait and see
For soon I’ll sprout a handsome pair
And jump around with glee
I’ll leave this place and off I’ll hop
To stone or other place
And wait a while for a princess
To kiss me on the face
And then you know I’ll be a king
With finery so grand
Not stay a tadpole in the pond
To rule across the land


The Frog Prince

Sat quietly in the corner
On a dark and dampened slate
A lonesome frog a-lurking
Looking for a date

A frog that once upon a time
Used to be a prince
But now-a-days shies from the girls
Who otherwise just wince

But quietly, surreptitiously
Without fuss and just by stealth
The frog is so determined
Not to be left upon the shelf

And so he cooks a plan
To break the witches wicked spell
By stealing glances at his beau;
Dreaming of the wishing well

The well where in a coin’s toss
In an instant, once again
He’ll show the girl he so adores
That he is the Prince of Spain

But for now she sits and mocks him
And writes a crazy little rhyme
Supposing it’s all make believe;
That he’s run right out of time

And as for kissing him, she laughs
For that just will never do
And so the prince stays spell bound still
In amphibian froggy blues

With thanks to Ben DJ for the use of his fab photograph