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Edible Hedgerow

The time of year is ripe to find
An edible hedgerow
With brambles, elderberry’s and
Of course the well-known sloe

The time of year when with a bit
Of luck and patience too
The cupboards can be stocked again
With goodies free to you

From bramble jelly to a drink
Of cordial – sure to win
But first a drop; aperitif
Of fine homemade sloe gin!

English: Hedgerow, Kirkstead Sloe berries.

English: Hedgerow, Kirkstead Sloe berries. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Deucy Strawberries

Strawberries, red and yummy ripe
All laden high with cream
Or packed in scones on pretty plates
Munched in between the screams
And ‘oohs’ and ‘aghhhs’
On tennis court
So quintessentially
As Wimbledon gets under way
With score fifteen: thirty
And deuce – so very juicy
These strawberries at their best
For summer sport with glass of Pimms
Now that is Englishness!


Strawberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5 A Day

I really can’t help thinking
Our obsession all the way
With blackberry and apple gadgets
Tots up our five a day

For in our drive to stay so healthy
We are told we must consume
At least five lots of fruit and veg
For well being then to bloom

But of course we’re also told
What consumers we’ve become
So let’s shout it out for 5 a-day
And electronic fruit – yum! yum!

5 A Day