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Frustration Friday

Frustration Friday! Flipping heck!
It’s just one of those days
When all about are being daft
Or going through a phase
Of being really stupid and
Annoying to a tee
Forgetting this, not doing that
Just so annoyingly

And so I think I’ll jump into
The weekend ahead of time
Pretend it’s Saturday instead
Regain rhythm and rhyme
Chilling and putting up my feet
Away from all this stress
And have a three day holiday
To feel a lot more blessed!



Frustrations run through many veins
Down many pathways vear
Through eyes that look and never see
Through ears that just don’t hear
Through minds that judge yet don’t perceive
Through wants that aren’t real needs
Through hearts that feel lest understand
Assumptions that then lead
To unresolved issues and plights
That whittle down, torment
Frustrations – like a plague in life
Where else we’d be content