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Making The Most Of Life

Some people drain your energy
Exhaust you in their track
But simply take an extra pace
And never look right back
To put the distance in between
And validate your life
By siding with those brighter souls
Avoiding such ill strife

And be determined to enjoy
Each day and be happy
By celebrating time as though
It might very well be
The last day that you have to live
So revel in the good
Make the most of each moment and
Then love life as you should!



Good Friends

Hung over from the night that was
Drunk on laughter
Intoxicated by great company
Revelling in a little thing called
Good Friendship!


Friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pineapple Conifers

They only had one wish in life
Three trees with egos odd
Pretending to be pineapples
With tops up to the gods

They dreamt of day when they would be
Fruit salad in a bowl
Or stuck on stick with cheesy cube
Or on the table whole

But sadly that day wouldn’t come
For though they hoped they erred
As in all truth we know that they
Are really conifers!

Pineapple Conifers

Photo Credit: @Richardesty (twitter)


Some people in life bring the fog
The fog that is cold and is grey
That hangs in a mist on your heart
Destroying the light in each day
In brume of bewildering mess
Miasma of misted disarray
The mask on the sun that might shine
And stifle contentment away

But others are sunbeams of glory
That blow all the clouds from the sky
With lightness that is most refreshing
And kindness that helps others fly
Who bring out the best in each person
With wholeness that’s shines from their soul
These sunbeams of life in their fullness
Caressing the world as a whole

English: Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota. Es...

English: Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota. Español: Girasoles amarillos Français : Un champ de tournesols à Fargo, dans le Dakota du Nord (USA). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Wyndham Park

Wyndham Park (b)

The Young

Hark! Hear the song of youth
The zest of tender years
Enthusiasm’s verdant burst
Cross innocent frontiers

The zeal for pastures new
Fresh lust for life each day
The zing in step and fettle
Their zany springtime way

And hear their laughter on the wind
Their youthful chatter sung
Their appetite; vivacity
The anthems of the young

The Young

The Banter Wagon

There is a wagon rolling
On the way called “Jokers Road”
A carriage or a coach perhaps
Where humour can unload
A zany, playful, happy place
Where fun is all the biz
Tomfoolery and old hi-jinks
That buzz with kick and fizz

But careful if you board it
For you need to understand
That the banter wagon can upturn
Unless you can withstand
The raillery and funny gags
That lads and lasses band about
All in the name of craic, as
They chaff and shout it out!


School’s Out

“School’s out!  Oh yes!  Thank god!” you say
A whole week from regime
Of getting up and getting out
Of cleaning shoes to gleam

No more harassment every day
From teacher’s who don’t care
No Maths, no algebra – oh yes!
No more to raise my hair

A week of doing r ‘n’ r
To rest, relax, just be
The person who I like the best
The person who is me

And not the system’s robot who
Is bullied and oppressed
For all they ever want to hear
Is “Yes, Miss” “Yes, Sir” “Yes”

Contrary to my wish in life
To see the world anew
To learn the lessons that I need
With truth out in the blue

The blue beyond the school yard gate
That stretches out beyond
To pastures green that leadeath me
Out there across the pond

To sail the deepest ocean’s wide
To scale the highest heights
For school?  OK it has it’s place
But I prefer the sights

That stretch me and expose me to
Instruction that gives more
So “School’s out!  Oh yes!  Thank goodness!” for
I’m gone now. Out the door!

Puddle Jumping

What is it we love about puddles
Those drops of pure watery bliss
That pool in our sight
For wet play and delight
To jump in and simply not miss

With galoshes and wellies and raincoats
In colours of yellow and red
We’ll jump in the puddles
Right up to our middles
And splash with contentment instead

Yes there’s something so great about puddles
Such fun on the back of the rain
With a splishsplosh and splash
We’re relish a dash
To jump in those puddles again

Puddle Jumping

Dedicated to Gorgeous George


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There’s the nice or there’s the nasty
There’s the good or there’s the bad
There’s the fun or there’s the serious
There’s those who are happy or who are sad

There’s the content or there’s the angry
There’s the pleasant or unkind
There’s the elated or the grieving
There are those with hope or fearful mind

There’s the surprised and the indifferent
There’s the proud or the ashamed
There’s generous or the greedy
There are those known and those unnamed

There’s the relieved and the frustrated
There’s those that restrict or give liberty
Lives of contrasting emotions
But which today will set us free?