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When the day recedes in a symphony of colour
Flaming the dusky sky
I sleep that night midst dreams on fire
As slumber passes by

Then I rise renewed to a sun kissed day
With hope priming my heart
Invigorated, alive, content
Ready to play my part

For like a stage that nature’s set
With all her glorious might
The synergy of heart and mind
Awakens true delight

And dreams aren’t lost in sleepy folds
Yet live and are set free
To bring the best out; realise
Potential within me!



When The Future Looks Back

What on earth will the future hold
Thirty years on from now
What progress will be made?
What will then be allowed?
What potential will be realised?
What thoughts will be had?
Will they be better and good?
Or have gone off and be bad?

Will we have moved on or perhaps
Will we have reverted because
The growth in the past
Has taken the buzz
Out of all that we have now
In this techno-age?
Will our evolvement of late
Have confined us in a cage?

In a cage where we’re unable;
Unable to do
Unable to speak even eat
What will then be in view?
For there’s part of me thinking
That thirty years on we’ll see
A backward step from where we’re now
With less capacity

Less means to continue
At the pace we have set
Or maybe the robots
Will be the ones to go get
In a manifested existence
Where all reason and rhyme
Will be lost to a greater
Intelligence than mine?

Will there even be water?
Fresh water for all?
Will there be a climate left
With spring, summer, and fall
And winter; the seasons –
Will they still exist
Or will the world be so bruised
From all of these twists

For thirty years on from now
In the year twenty forty five
What will it mean to us folks
To our existence; our lives
If dots, code and digits
In a world white and black
Are all that is left
When the future looks back!

STE(A)M (Haiku)

Where STEM becomes STEAM
Pushing back the frontiers of
Science artfully


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is a buzz word in education which sadly excludes the Arts and will no doubt go down as one of the biggest mistakes of our time as future generations are not afforded the opportunity at school to embrace their creativity with open mindedness, seeking out the answers to some of the biggest questions we face or develop the capacity to think outside the box. For Art is all this and more and should be on the same page as the STEM subjects to enable the driving force that is STEAM.  To this end, this little haiku is dedicated to this.

To All School Leavers

And so to all who leave today
Fly from the nest that’s school
Go forth resolved to grab the cup
Of options and the tools
That you have gained these years now gone
The lessons you have learned
Inspired to contribute; enjoy
Where work and play’s concerned

With goodness, grace, integrity
Go onwards with respect
Responsibility and care
Determined to prospect
A future that exceeds your dreams
One where you shine with might
A future that you’re proud to own
A future that is bright


Look Forward

Look forward to your future
Be inspired by where you go
Have fun! Enjoy! And make the most
Relax! Go with the flow
And with a drop of courage
A spoon of wisdom wise
Take steps forward on pathways new
With dreams up in the sky
But keep your foothold steady
Your mind intent, secure
With focus, dedication, might
And you’ll do fine for sure!

English: Road in the UAE. Français : Une route...

English: Road in the UAE. Français : Une route aux Émirats arabes unis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Crystal Ball

Oh to have a crystal ball
To see past now to then
To look into the future and
Reveal the outcomes end

To see the course we’re taking
To realise the way
The way it goes, the bends it takes
Tomorrows past today

To have the chance to change
Our destiny or fate
To look into a crystal ball
Before it’s far too late

Crystal ball

Crystal ball (Photo credit: PR®)

Life (A Haiku)

The sum of the past
Reality of today
And dreams still to come


Life (Photo credit: Harry Thomas Photography)

Sonnet To Nostalgia

Oh feel the kiss of a seductive past
Nostalgic anchor of my very soul
The memories secure to always last
Emotive power that pulls and does console
The glue that binds the whole thing together
That gives and upholds life with true meaning
With endurance of the self forever
In nostalgia, sentiment convening
Yet still to sail the seas from here to there
The past; the pavement of a future way
The course to navigate with grace and care
Save maudlin heart and flowers across the bay
       For still nostalgia beckons hearts of all
       Like roots of oak tree that grows straight and tall


Nostalgia: (Photo credit: Jody Art)

Messengers in Time

Bright morning sun, emitting rays of warmth
Warmth through space that has gone before
Luminous stars, radiating light
Light from years gone by in cosmic antiquity
Cumulous clouds, condensing droplets of vapour
Vapour from streams and rivers of yesterday
Crystal clear tides lapping in waves of water
Water from the ocean’s basin set before

Clear memories, calling to mind experiences
Experiences paving awareness from the past
Ancestral genes, expressing pathways of inheritance
Inheritance journeying from lives once lived
Eternal legacies, leaving their enduring imprint
Imprints to last from then until now and beyond
Messengers of time, from yesterday to today
Today and now and onwards towards tomorrow

Flickr today

Flickr today (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


I dream of a utopia
Where all men would be free
Where none would be restricted
Upholding liberty
Trading in a currency of respect
Where integral honesty would flow
A place where blame would dwindle
Responsibility would grow
A world that deals in kindness
Where consideration is rife
Where a subscription to love your neighbour
Becomes the new way to live life
Where accountability is normal
And potential can be achieved
With a creed of empathy
And encouragement conceived

And in my Utopian dream
A clear vision is revealed
A world where all are equal
Where truth is not concealed
For here ideal society
Is as real as real can be
And inspiration is quite tangible
Shining out through you and me
With clarity and transparency
With compassion and with care
With dedication and understanding
Surrounding everywhere
And the world is shooting to the moon
And reaching to the stars
With a sense of fulfillment and completeness
Utopian hearts that now are ours.