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The Killer Slug

If you dare go into your garden today
You just might see and find
The hugest slug from Spain I’m told
With hunger on his mind
To munch his way through beans and sprouts
And cabbage leaves and more
Lest leave the cats food within sight
And he’ll eat that for sure!
And dead mammals; he’ll gobble them
Without a second look
The killer slug so grandiose
That needs to sling his hook!


Based on this news story 

Arion lusitanicus 1

Arion lusitanicus 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Sonnet To An English Sunday Afternoon

Relaxing on a Sunday afternoon
In garden chair on lawn with glass in hand
Under a sky so blue that seems in tune
With siestas being taken cross the land
Where time stands still and sleep creeps up to bid
Each languisher the rest that they deserve
And slowly close and seal heavy eye lid
With sips of chardonnay from wine reserve
Yet clouds blow in from far flown eastern shore
A breeze besets the garden’s sultry bliss
Chilled wine sojourns and can be poured no more
Instead a cup of tea cross lips does kiss
       For Sunday afternoon is but a dream
       But not always as warm as it might seem

English: The Victorian garden, Burnby Hall, Po...

English: The Victorian garden, Burnby Hall, Pocklington The Balk, Pocklington, YO42 2QF. The lake in the gardens has more than 80 lily cultivars and houses the National Collection of water lilies. Sunday afternoon band concerts in the Summer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Gardens of Surprises

There’s a garden set at Burghley
Just back from Stamford town
That’s full of joy and hidden gems
To lift you if you’re down

A garden stocked with wonder
Surprises and much more
With sights and sounds of pure delight
That you will so adore

From waterfalls to mirrored maze
To obelisks and rill
With statues, sculptures, Caesar busts
Exuding fun to thrill

A place to walk and wonder
With mysteries at heart
Where magic secrets are revealed
Amidst the works of art

Written following a visit to the Gardens of Surprises at Burghley House, Stamford, Lincolnshire UK.

Gardens of Suprises


A Garden Haiku

Once upon a lawn
Now a beautiful meadow
Weeds or wild flowers?



Weeds can be rather pretty but
To gardeners they’re the pits
Depending on position and
If in their garden sits

For to see them in a meadow
Can be a glorious sight
But put them in your flower beds and
The picture’s not so bright

And so these weeds are rendered
Dichotomous at best
In nature, pretty native flowers
Yet in gardens, nature’s pest!

English: Some weeds in my lawn Deutsch: Unbeka...

English: Some weeds in my lawn Deutsch: Unbekanntes Unkraut in meinem Rasen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Beware the beauty of the rose
The flower with thorny shard
With bloom that rivals beauty bright
Or simply a façade?

The marriage of both love and hate
Dichotomous accord
The Rose with petals; fragrance sweet
Next poisoned dart on board

The thorn that draws on blood so red
As red as heart’s desire
With short sharpness in stark defence
The barb that cuts like wire

Beware the beauty of the rose
The flower with thorny shard
With bloom that rivals beauty bright
Or simply a façade?

Red Rose, image compressed

Red Rose, image compressed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ah the weekend’s round the corner
I feel it on the wind
I can sense it soon arriving
As the week will then rescind
Its clutches on our time and life
All pressured and harassed
To welcome in the weekend for
A break that’s unsurpassed

A time to spend with family
To down some wine or beer
To rest, relax and contemplate
With good times and much cheer
To unwind and put feet up
To socialise; party
To partake in our choice of things
Our loves and our hobby

A time to mow the garden lawn
Or wash the car and dog
To frequent gym and tennis courts
And maybe try leap frog
To shop and cook and maybe clean
Prepare for the next week
Whilst keeping kids all occupied
Without a tear or squeak

To decorate that back bedroom
To plant the borders up
To polish all the silverware
To fix that broken cup
And then when we’ve quite finished we’ll
Drop on Monday stressed
And need another break to then
Recover from our rest!


Weekend (Photo credit: Cláudia*~Assad)


Let me take you to the woods
Just behind the garden fence
Up to the tree tops and the shade
To the clearings and glistening glade
Where the fairies and elves go thence

Step in wonder and in awe
And go where the pixies tread
With daisy chains to mushroom rings
With honeyed dreams of precious things
To view a magic world ahead

Go with openness of heart
With much trust and children’s eyes
A world beyond of make believe
A paradise to be conceived
Full of enchantment and surprise

Let me take you to the woods
Just behind the garden wall
Up to the tree tops and the shade
To the clearings and glistening glade
For spellbound stories to enthrall!