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The Battle

She executed her attack
They yelped, they screamed, they wailed
Her mission to annihilate
With thoroughness detail
A massacre of them who were
Just where they shouldn’t be
Her one intent to beat them back
And make them history

Yet despite modern weapons
And chemical warfare
She’d take them out but they’d return
Her worst living nightmare
For little though they really were
Discreet in part as well
They’d always find a way back in
Increase their ranks and swell

They’d stand up to her best attempts
Repeal her battle cry
Refusing to dwindle; curl up
Decline to lose and die
For nothing simply nothing
Allowed her to succeed
For victory always was theirs
The garden full of weeds


Life’s Garden

Grow the stuff of empathy
Cultivate compassion too
Nurture love and helpfulness
Bring concord into view
To propagate a garden
In life that smells so sweet
Full of flowers and natures goodness
To grace each one you meet


Gardening (Haiku)

Gard’ning breaks the back
Wrecks hands and nails but always
Makes hard work worthwhile


Spring is in the air
The grass now needs a mow
The borders need a-planting and
The beds required a hoe

The fences must be painted
The hedges need a trim
So chances of relaxing now
Are looking rather slim

And suddenly car washing
Becomes the thing to do
Though heed the call of a Pimms cup
That’s waiting there for you

For when the jobs are dusted
All finished up and done
It is the time to put feet up
And enjoy the springtime fun!

English: Springtime

English: Springtime (Photo credit: Wikipedia)