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Gardening (Haiku)

Gard’ning breaks the back
Wrecks hands and nails but always
Makes hard work worthwhile

Bank Holiday Weekend

Bank holiday weekend!
What are you going to do?
Perhaps a spot of gardening
Of have a barbecue
Or maybe you will trundle to
The beach right by the sea
Or play a round of golf or more
Go out for lunch or tea

Perchance you’ll browse around the shops
Frequent a house on show
Or even work out in the gym
Then to the theatre go
Or mayhap you’ll sit in traffic jams
Or cycle far beyond
Walk the dog or visit friends
Go fishing at the pond

The endless possibilities
To keep us in the zone
Of “doing” relaxation til
It’s time to leave our home
On Tuesday morning next week when
Alarm clocks ring their bell
And then we’ll want to stay in bed
And think “Oh what the hell!”

Bank Holiday Weekend


And A Partridge In A Pear Tree: Part IV Four Calling Birds

Continuing on our twelve part poem with a new stance on A Partridge in a Pear Tree, we now meet the Calling Birds.  For the full text please visit here

And then if that is not enough
Four calling birds arrive
And dance around the garden so
In time to the hand jive

They flap their wings upon their thighs
And clap their hands just so
Then slide around to jive in time
With hammer feet to go

Then with their music blaring loud
They turn and flick their thumbs
But yes you’ve guessed the partridge thinks
He won’t make them his chums

But then jiving alongside them
The French Hens join in too
And turtle doves check out the jig
Oh such hullabaloo

And there right on the garden lawn
They all do the hand jive
Being born to hand jive baby
The warmth helps them survive

“Oh Lord” cries out the old Partridge
“Do save me on this day
For all have gone quite crackers now
“What else is there to say”

Bed of Roses

They say that life is simply not
A bed of roses pure
But I just cannot take that line
And think it is for sure

For roses come with many things
With thorns and petal growth
So when we talk of such a bed
It takes account of both

The thing to see though isn’t good
Or bad as different things
But see the sliding scale of life
The ups and downs it brings

Then understand that through all this
Just like a rose we grow
Where thorns and petals blend as one
To make the flower we know

The flower that blooms with brilliance
In great displays to see
So that our lives reflect this bed
Of roses constantly

Bed of roses