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The options that you make in life
Should always be your own
Not orchestrated by the crowd
But stand up strong alone

To be the choices you would make
Not those of other folk
Who might impart their own imprint
Your destiny then choke

For choices seem so rife these days
From what to do or wear
From where to go, and what to take
Just so many out there

So don’t pay homage to the mob
Or bow to their demands
Nor to their expectations cede
Nor despotic commands

But shout out your aspirations
Alight your focus fire
For options that you make will then
Bring joy, enthuse, inspire


Choices (Photo credit: Gemma Stiles)

Results Day

With pensive breath
With perspiring brow
With quivering hands
The time is now
To reveal results
To realise the grade
To reach out; retrieve
The final score played

The walk up to school
The longest one yet
The mood is quite tense
No time now to bet
On the level achieved
On the score handed out
With hope still in the offing
Bar a tinge of self doubt

To fetch out the envelope
To rip open and see
To desire that the outcome
Is the best it can be,
And with one final deep gasp
With one brave hearted smile
With conviction, resolve
A prayer that it’s all been worthwhile

Wishing all GCSE pupils receiving results this morning, every best wish in the world