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Ode from an Old Man

I look up at you
And you look down at me
How the tide has turned about
In life’s subtle irony
For I remember fondly
Days gone by when you were small
When you played in the back garden
Kicking round a ball
So now you’re getting bigger
And I am getting old
Enjoy your life as it starts out
For much of mine has now been told
And know that though I may be ageing
Along with whitened air
This twinkle in my eye, my lad
Says I will always care.


I Thought We’d Take Dad Hostage

I thought we’d take dad hostage
Cos despite his old set ways
There’s something that we all adore
When he comes to stay
The way he sits and tells his yarns
Of the good ole days
And adds a new dimension
With all he has to say
But Mum would doubtless miss him
Although she’d swear she’d not
Cos after all those years together
They’re joined up by a knot
The knot of solemn marriage vows
The knot that joins then so
And so dear Dad will leave us and
Back home he will now go
But next time when he visits
We’ll fight against the odds
Cos we want him here forever
As he such a great old sod!!!