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Rest In Peace, Little Bea

Up in the sky a star is born
So luminous and bright
With distant mew midst Milky Way
Our dear one sleeps tonight

A far off dot, yet always near
Taken away too soon
Our loss is yet but heaven’s gain
Besides the silver moon

Where souls of those who’ve passed on by
Waltz through eternity
Freed from the shackles of this earth
Rest in peace, little Bea


Beatrice – 14 February 2015 to 12 August 2016


Jilted Willow Bride

She wails down by the riverside
Weeping pools of emerald tears
That drip into the water’s depths
Portraying loss so dear

For her true love has left her
Departed years ago
Leaving her alone to cry bereft
As her grief overflows

And by the Medway’s winding bank
Where rooted she must stay
She wills him to return to her
Why did he go away?

Yet through the years he’s not come back
And her? She’s drowning in
Her purgatory; sad jilted bride
Bless her and her offspring


The Last Lament

I cried a million tears
More than stars up in the sky
An ocean of my salty drops
To weep until I die

For such deep lamentations
Have left me lost in grief
And nothing will abate the pain
Or bring any relief

For endless sobs now cascade from
My eyes and drown my heart
Obscuring any happiness
My world now falls apart

And so I yearn to leave this world
The loss I cannot bear
For with you gone – my love; my life
There is nothing out there

No reason to live longer
No air to take in breath
So with the last true act of love
I cry myself to death


Overcoming Grief

Sometimes there’s not much that can be done or said
When our heart is torn and feels like lead.
But instead we have faith; simple and sure
That the pain will pass, however raw.
For a heart that loves and is full of care
Is one that in time, will heal and repair,
As the warmth in its hearth, will lighten the soul
And forge memories forever that are happy and whole.