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Be Gone!

How I loathe you death
As you sweep in and steal
Taking for your own
All we hold precious
Contemptuous, bitter vengeance
Reaping souls selfishly
In a covetous act of wanton destruction
Destroying harmony and lives
To be the victor in a world
Where you are not welcome
Be gone you Angel of darkness
And leave us in peace
Leave us to enjoy the sun
To feel the raindrops and the early morning dew
To reach the rainbow
And smell the luscious grass
The fragrant floral scents
And bask in the company of our love ones
For you bring the final requiem
From where there is no return
Taking away the morrow
Whence the sun will no more rise nor set
The birdsong will no more be bright
Where nothing replaces everything
Into eternity
So be gone you thief
Be gone!

Blood Red Sunrise

There’s something in the air
There’s a cloud over head
Quite toxic and gloomy
In a sky tinged blood red

And the atmosphere’s heavy
The light has gone dim
As the moon’s even cowering
And it’s really quite grim

For the reaper’s arrived
Intent to do ill
So beware and watch out
So he don’t get his fill

Let him leave just as quickly
As he’s dared to arrive
So the sun will come out
From the clouds and then thrive

English: Sunrise at North Point Park, Milwauke...

English: Sunrise at North Point Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Français : Lever de soleil à North Point Park, Milwaukee. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)